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The samples below are product designs I've created out of random moments of inspiration whilst living life and saying weird things or noticing other people say weird things.

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Below is a range of courses based on my personal experience as a creative director, which includes talking about personal brand and defining your creative message but also some psychological personality-related work including a primer on the Myers-Briggs system and some INTP-specific classes as personal growth tools.

Press Start on Your Personal Brand Message - Free w/ SkillShare Subscription

The guide to venturing on your own as a freelancer or entrepreneur

What do we cover?

- Exploring the reasons for venturing out on your own.
- Discover which path is right for you...freelancing or entrepreneurship?
- Mentally prepare for the path ahead.
- Explore the ways we may hold ourselves back. - Unlock your X to Y mission statement to take with you on your personal journey.

The INTP Launch Kit - $29

A Beginner's Odyssey

What's included:

- Audio guide to the INTP 4-Letter code.
- Introduction to the INTP Cognitive Functions
- PDF guide to What it Means to be an INTP...
- Discover your Dynamic Personality with a look at levels of health for an INTP - PDF guide to Practical Tips for INTP growth

Brand Blaster: Designing Your Personal Brand - $67

Do it yourself for yourself.

Personality, Brand, Marketing & Sales are the 4 components that we highlights and teach in this program designed for budding entrepreneur who is looking to find their footing in creating a personal brand.

Discover your content marketing style like, kinda like choosing your first Pokemon, to determine which path makes more sense for you based on your personality and how that affects how you create and sell.

Brand Blaster also teaches practical skills like color theory, creating a logo, and how to bring your personality into your work.

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