What You'll Learn

This course goes into more depth than your typical course.

  • The Spark

    We discuss your "Why?" your "Mission" and figure out your goals to keep you moving along when no one is going to be listening to you at first.

  • Technical Details

    We talk about what it takes to get this podcast started from a technical perspective. What levels of equipment are you ready for? What platform should you use?

  • Marketing

    We talk about what happens after you record your show. How do you get more people to listen to your podcast? What kinds of people do you want to connect to? Which platforms will serve you best?

  • Acquiring Guests

    We talk about finding your voice then using that voice to connect with other people. How do you get guests onto your show? How do you ask people to engage with your show?

  • Scheduling

    A major aspect of podcasting is figuring out what the key times are for you to post. And how do you schedule the creation of the content so that you're not burning yourself out?

  • Making Money

    And we also talk about ways that you can make money from podcasting. Sponsors, affiliate marketing and other sources of revenue that your podcast could bring in to your world.

Podcasting for Absolute Beginners Course

I guarantee that you'll not only have the confidence to start your own podcast but you'll grow as a person as well.

Here's what to expect: