What You'll Learn

How to Start a Podcast Right Now!

  • The Spark

    Not sure where to begin with starting a podcast?

    Let's start by discussing your "Why?" your "Mission" and figure out your goals to keep you moving along when no one is going to be listening to you at first.

  • Personality and Presence

    Do you have a lot of "personality" to work with? Or worried that you're not bringing enough?

    Don't sweat it.

    There's a style of podcasting for each personality type and we'll cover which one fits you best.

  • Technical Details

    What do you need to start your first podcast?

    Can you just use your phone? or do you need fancy equipment?

    What platform should you use? It's a lot easier than you think.

  • Marketing

    Once the show is made, how do we get more people to listen to your podcast?

    What kinds of people do you want to connect to?

    Which platforms will serve your podcasting efforts the best?

  • Acquiring Guests

    How do you get guests for your podcast? And how can you conduct a strong interview?

    Not every show needs guests but if this is your style then we cover everything you'll need to know to get a guest onto your podcast.

  • Scheduling

    A major aspect of podcasting is figuring out what the key times are for you to post your glorious podcast episode.

    And how do you schedule the creation of the content so that you're not burning yourself out?

    Also, does every podcast need to be scheduled or can you wing it? We'll break it down.

  • Making Money

    Of course, you can start a podcast as a hobby but many of us want to make some money for our efforts. Podcasting can be an amazing marketing tool for making money in other sources such as courses or coaching.

    But you can also make money from podcasting.

    Sponsors, affiliate marketing, and other sources of revenue that your podcast could bring into your world.

10 Things You Need to Start a Podcast...

It's a lot easier than you think!

Here are 10 very important things that are going to propel you through the creation of your show every day. We talk about building your audience, asking yourself why you're creating a show, your goals, your mission, naming, branding, and more. 

Creating a show of any kind is not just about the hardware and software but about the heart you put into every episode.

Finding Your Podcast Audience

Who do you want to speak to?

This video is about some of the very real challenges of figuring out who your audience is for your podcast. Are they people you already know and work with? Are you trying to attract new customers? Is there a particular niche you'd like to tap into? And is your persona attracting those people?

Setting up your first podcast with Anchor

Start a podcast from your phone...

It is easier than ever to start your own podcast using the Anchor app and your smartphone. Simply follow the tutorial above to get a rundown of how it all works then simply start creating!

Here's what to expect:

  1. 02
    • Naming Your Podcast

    • Scripted vs. Unscripted

    • Insecurities

  2. 03
    • James Gaffney on Podcast Identity Discovery

  3. 04
    • Hardware

    • Platforms and Hosting

    • Length of Show

    • Your Audience

  4. 05
    • Setting Up Your Podcast with Anchor

    • Creating Your First Episode

    • Creating an Episode on Mobile

  5. 07
    • Topics

    • Guests

    • Scheduling

  6. 08
    • Descriptions and SEO

    • Marketing

  7. 09
    • What Now?

Podcasting for Absolute Beginners Course

I guarantee that you'll not only have the confidence to start your own podcast but you'll grow as a person as well.