Hi there! C.Note here!

Your personal digital producer and media guide.

My name is Christian Rivera, originally from Philadelphia, PA now living in Rochester, NY.

I've been a designer on TV and Ilm marketing campaigns for brands such as DirecTV, Telemundo, Univision, Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Lionsgate and more.

I started by creating fan videos and websites to express my love for Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid and haven't looked back.

Video games taught me problem-solving and were my window into pop culture and a punk rock mentality is how I live every day.

I've always had a natural desire to ask questions and diver deeper into what makes someone tick, which I talk about on my podcast DOPEamine.

I bring Myers-Briggs personal development work into my media coaching and courses.

Getting to know how someone thinks can inform design choices and helps to know what to focus on within a campaign.

Where do I start?

Developing a media presence is a lot like choosing your favorite Pokemon. You start by choosing either writing, audio, or video and develop from there.

I talk about that more within our Brand Blaster course but audio is your starting place then start with our course below to create your first podcast.

Watch Intro Video

Let me show you what I can do...

Video work pre-2018

Podcasting for Absolute Beginners

From conception to execution, everything you need to start your first podcast.

This course is everything you need to know to start your own podcast.

We talk about identifying your why?, your mission, your goals, working through insecurities, technical issues, and developing a stage presence to present your best ideas to your customers and the world!

Kind Words from some friends.

Some friends I've worked with have been so kind to offer a few positive words.

Extremely Talented

by James Gaffney

Christian Rivera is an extremely talented and truly decent human being. he has a big heart, obvious drive and a real desire to not only create killer stuff - but to help the world be a better place. if you're blessed enough to work with christian, you'll see what i mean. dude's aaaaaaalll right!

The Most Talented

by Colin Costello

I worked with Christian Rivera, first at an agency in Santa Monica called Stradella Road and then on my own personal film project. I find Christian to be one of the most talented and smartest designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He comes not with one vision, but several. He takes feedback well and comes back with something even better. I am lucky to have worked with him and plan on it again.