FEATURED COURSE: Podcasting for Beginners

From conception to execution, everything you need to start your first podcast and keep at it.

What makes you qualified to teach this class?

Multimedia has been my bread and butter for decades. I've worked for local businesses in Philadelphia then expanded to film marketing and other industries. I've personally created over 400 episodes of my own podcast as a personal expression tool, a marketing tool, and a connection tool.

Why should I start a podcast?

Podcasting is an amazing marketing tool for sharing your experience, keeping up with trends, and connecting with your customers on a human level. Podcasting is a safer way to practice stage presence and a way for you to bring your personality to your business.

It's also easier than it's ever been to start a podcast by simply using your phone (at minimum). I started my first podcast whilst commuting to and from work using the app Anchor. We'll primarily focus on using Anchor to start your first podcast.

What should I expect from this class?

In this course, we talk about identifying your why?, your mission, your goals, working through insecurities, technical issues, and developing a stage presence to present your best ideas to your customers and the world.

We cover the practical needs of podcasting, the exploration of your vision, and even considering how your personality may influence how your speak, your podcasting style or what you talk about.

Hi there! C.Note here!

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Christian Rivera, I'm a freelance creative director using graphic design, photography, video, and audio editing to help coaches and creators to develop promotional and premium content for their coaching, products, and live events. 

This website is here to share the skills, ideas, and lessons I've learned in my creative career working in film, television, and a myriad of other industries. 

If you'd like you can see some of my design, video, and photo work for yourself.

What should I expect?

You'll notice that there are a few courses available if you're wanting to get started on upgrading your media presence. You can get started on creating your own podcast or how to bring your personality to your personal brand through our flagship Brand Blaster course. More courses and freebies will be added over time on the Shop page.

I bring my personal development and personality skills to these courses so that you're not just getting generic information, but professional experience.

How did you get your start in design?

I think most artists are people who just didn't stop drawing and I can say that's the same story for me. I used to put "Kidz Enterprises" on the back of my book reports as a kid and make anime music videos, make PSA videos in high school and take apart website code, design my own banners and put it all back together just to make it all work. 

From there I began working for clients through the family business then moved on to working for local TV followed by a move to the west coast that led to designing and video editing in film marketing for Netflix, Hulu, Lionsgate, Paramount, Focus Feature, and many more.  

You can see a reel of my video work in the next section below.

I've also worked in health care for a little while and have built a few websites for health care professionals with their own practices. 

I am more recently working with my friends at Personality Hacker to support their marketing content, live events, and premium programs centered around personal growth with personality development tools such as Myers-Briggs and The Enneagram. 

Where should I start with developing my media presence?

I like to use a metaphor when someone is trying to figure out where to begin as an aspiring creator...developing a media presence is a lot like choosing your favorite Pokémon. Simply start with one of three options that your style the best then you'll gain the other skills as you go out into the wild to eventually incorporate the other two. 

You start by choosing either writing, audio, or video, find a platform, and develop from there. Each of these is interconnected...so, if you create a video, for example, you may be able to extract audio from it to make it a podcast episode or transcribe it for a blog article. 

Creating multipurpose content is essential for making a sufficient amount of content, but also to not burn yourself out or become overwhelmed by the mountain of to-dos. 1 piece of content becomes 3...and if you have the means to hire out the translation from one medium to the other, even better.

This is just one of the concepts we cover in our flagship course called Brand Blaster: Designing Your Best-Fit Brand. Pick your starter Pokemon, discover your best-fit personality preferences, learn what it takes to make a great logo and brand identity then how to visually communicate your ideas to an eagerly awaiting audience.

If you need more information about media services, questions about the courses, or just to say hi you can send me an email.

Need a Creative Director for your business or project?

Services: Live Event Documenting

Capture experiences, expressions and testimonials of your live event.

For the past few years, I've worked with my friends at Personality Hacker to document their 5-day live event, this time in Orlando, Florida. 

Students come from all over the country to meet up and learn the art of conversational personality profiling. We document every moment of the event including talks, Q&As, testimonials, hangouts, and mixers to capture audio, video, and photo to create premium materials and marketing materials for new and existing students. 

The above video is a sizzle reel of the event experience with testimonials from students woven in. 

I also captured over 300 photos from the event to capture smiles, connection, and excitement from the Personality Hacker students.

If you're interested in having your live event documented just send an email for a quote or questions about your live event.

Services: VID60 (Rochester, NY)

1- Minutes social media videos to show off your event, opening or space.

I live in Rochester, NY where there are so many amazing local businesses who offer amazing services, show off the artistic talents of their incredible communities, or uplift talent and opportunity throughout the city. 

Businesses such as Gallery Salon, 540 West Main, Cameron Community Ministries, and The Yards Collective are just a few that I've supported by creating a 1-minute video of their event, space, gallery opening, or a special talk or presentation to help spread the word of what they're doing to make their worlds more loving, expressive, inclusive, fulfilling, and joyful.

The base price is $100 for the hour, which includes the editing cost. Add-ons are available such as photography, an interview voice-over, or more time from me for $50/add-on. 

Send me an email with the details of your needs and I can clarify the cost for you!

Services: Video Editing

Live events, commercials, social media promos, and more!

This compilation shows off a series of projects I've worked on ranging from editing social media trailers for films and TV shows, to covering live events such as Midsummer Scream, San Diego Comic-Con, and Bridges to Better Health, a corporate-style conference for American Specialty Health. 

You'll also see short animations from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 from Netflix, Tomorrowland from Disney, and short commercial spots for LEGO, Amazon Prime, and American Specialty Health. 

I created this compilation when I was invited to be a speaker at The Boss Project Summit's first event speaking about a brand being more than a logo, which is a talk available to my email list.

Services: PodClips and Audio Editing

Turn podcast segments into video clips for YouTube, IGTV, Facebook and more!

This sample is from my friends at Personality Hacker where we take clips from their podcast to highlight key ideas, concepts, or segments that may lead to product sales, the full podcast episode, or used as brand awareness for their YouTube channel.

What I do is take the segment we've decided upon and I search for music and stock footage that emphasizes or demonstrates the concept that they're speaking about. This helps the listener to have another point of reference to track what Joel and Antonia are saying.

With a podcast that is highly technical in the world of personality psychology, having the visual reference point is valuable to the listener's ability to soak in all of the information or to not zone out easily.

I also edit podcasts to clean up background noise, create intros and outros for shows, or edit for clarity. I can also a host a show for you if needed. Here's a sample of a show I've edited called The Charter Chat Podcast. The host and I collaborated on creating the intro and I cleaned up the Zoom call audio for clarity.

Services: Graphic Design

Social media graphics, quotes, promo art, holiday graphics and more!


  • How much do you charge for your services?

    It depends on the service and what's involved. Most projects tend to average at around $30/hr. Please reach out to christian@cnote.studio for a quote on your project!

Kind Words from some friends.

Some friends I've worked with have been so kind to offer a few positive words.

“Christian Rivera is an extremely talented and truly decent human being. he has a big heart, obvious drive, and a real desire to not only create killer stuff - but to help the world be a better place.

If you're blessed enough to work with christian, you'll see what I mean. The dude's aaaaaaalll right!”

James Gaffney

Brand Catalyst & Digital Demagogue Ideation Fiend for the Inner-Anarchist

“I worked with Christian Rivera, first at an agency in Santa Monica called Stradella Road and then on my own personal film project.

I find Christian to be one of the most talented and smartest designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He comes not with one vision, but several. He takes feedback well and comes back with something even better.

I am lucky to have worked with him and plan on it again.”

Colin Costello

Writer Director at Ela Road Films

“I discovered C-note and his work through a mutual Facebook group. When I finally decided I was tired of trying to design my companies logo myself, I had seen enough of his work to know that I should consider working with him.

After looking at his portfolio I was confident about his style and ability to capture what I imagined in our logo. I sent him a message explaining what I needed and hammered out the details there on the spot!

The entire process was great, I enjoyed working with him 🙌 He assessed my needs, took my suggestions, and sent me a video detailing every step of his process, and stuck to it throughout.

I couldn’t be any happier with how my logo came out and we will definitely be coming back to him for more design jobs in the future. Highly recommend him for all your multimedia needs.”

Ben Frame

Owner, CD Marketing Group

“Christian is the rare graphic artist that has a great understanding that graphics are more than great images. He's got a firm grasp on branding and marketing, especially as it pertains to the interactive space.

I have worked with Christian on web efforts that have spiked web traffic as much as 1000%.”

Tony Romeo

Host and Executive Producer of the Award Winning Weekend Philler

“We used C.Note Studio for a promotional video for our business Pimp My Pint. He was professional and pleasant. Fun to work with! And completed our project very quickly!

Impressed with the entire experience! Will be using his services again!”