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My name is Christian Rivera, Multimedia Designer & Personal Brand Developer, you can call me C-Note!

I've been designing for brands such as DirecTV, Telemundo, Univision, Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Lionsgate and more for over 18 years. I started by creating fan videos and websites to express my love for Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid and haven't looked back. Video games were my window into pop culture and a punk rock mentality is how I live every day.

I've always had a natural ability and drive to create and sell. When I was in 4th grade I would put "Kidz Enterprizes" on the back of my book reports. In 7th grade, I would print out Pokemon screenshots of the PokeRap and sell them to my friends. I would sell bottled water at local events and do anything I could to make my own way. My parents owned their own advertising agency, which is where I officially got my start.

I've since work in TV, Film Marketing, local businesses, and now working one-on-one with freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to fully embrace who they are in their business lives. I've struggled with mental health issues, challenges with relationships, having a boss and determining how to present myself.

This is where I stand today, sharing the stories of everything I've learned through my own struggles and harnessing that into courses, podcasts and videos to help others realize that if they be themselves, they can level-up their reality.

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Why Personal Branding?

It's where typology, mental health, ambition and lifestyle converge.

Being a nerd comes with it's own challenges growing up. I'm also an intense introvert with a propensity to favor thinking over emotions. It's been quite a challenge to connect with people based solely on my personality. I've had to develop who I am not simply just be the default version of myself that has difficulty connecting with others. I also have cyclothymia, a low-grade bipolar disorder, and ADHD which present challenges in doing business consistently. I simply can't keep a job and have no interest in having a boss.

I know there are others out there with similar adversities or circumstances that don't allow them to fit into the mold so easily. For some of us, the dream to build a life of our own is a matter of life or death.

Not only that but there are plenty of people who simply want more out of life. We want to not struggle every day to pay the bills, student loans and fear that we can't pay for the next hospital visit. We want to create life on our terms and do it without sacrificing who we are. Frankly, I teach that leaning into who we are is the quickest way to focus on what we have to offer, how we can present that, who we can connect to and how we can have those people buy from us. We're all capable of love, we're all worthy of success, but it's not a guarantee. We have to take the steps towards making that happen.

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Why Personal Branding?

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I have quite a few services and talents that I utilize for myself and for my clients every single day. This is stuff that I love to do but it takes time.

We need to build a rapport first, so we can be sure we're both on the same wavelength. I don't take on just anyone but if you're here, there's likely a reason and you're ready to dive in.

We need to mesh well together. That's how we get the best work. I love working with clients who love their craft, are excited for their idea and is honestly, ready to pay. That's why the prices are listed. No need to waste each other's time if you're not ready but I know you'll get there!

Prices are subject to change depending on the timing and complexity of the job. Still have questions? Hit the "Discover Call" button below! :)

  • Multimedia Design Services - $60/hr - Graphic Design, Video and Audio - Podcast Editing, YouTube Editing, Facebook Ad Creative, Instagram Images, Voiceovers, Podcast Hosting and more!

  • #VID60 Event Documenting - $60/hr +Travel - Photo and Video coverage of your event. Amazing for Instagram imagery, YouTube channel, Website or Facebook.

  • Consulting - $60 per session - Brand, Media and/or Typology Consulting

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Video work pre-2018

Kind Words from some friends.

Some friends I've worked with have been so kind to offer a few positive words.

by James Gaffney

Extremely Talented

by James Gaffney

Christian Rivera is an extremely talented and truly decent human being. he has a big heart, obvious drive and a real desire to not only create killer stuff - but to help the world be a better place. if you're blessed enough to work with christian, you'll see what i mean. dude's aaaaaaalll right!
by Colin Costello

The Most Talented

by Colin Costello

I worked with Christian Rivera, first at an agency in Santa Monica called Stradella Road and then on my own personal film project. I find Christian to be one of the most talented and smartest designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He comes not with one vision, but several. He takes feedback well and comes back with something even better. I am lucky to have worked with him and plan on it again.

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Podcasting for Absolute Beginners

From conception to exection, everything you should be thinking podcasting.

This 8+ hour course goes into concepts, technical aspects and personal stories of developing a podcast over the past year. The course is essentially everything I've learned over the past 135+ episodes of podcasting over 10 months of learning mixed with nearly 20 years of media creation. We talk about identifying your "why?", your "mission", your "goals", working through insecurities, technical issues, and other challenges.
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Podcasting for Absolute Beginners

MBTI: Easy Mode

The Beginnings of a Hero's Journey

I've been using Myers-Briggs understanding in my life for the last 8 months in a very extreme way. I've been dealing with mood disorders, people problems and an overall aversion to emotions. MBTI has helped me gain a better understanding of my own emotions, the reactions and abilities of others and set me on this path to focus on creating course content instead of using my protected people energy. Not only that, but it feels like unlocking the hidden code in life. I get to see how people think and become more open to varying ideas from people by better mine and their purpose in life. It's an amazing feeling that I'm working very hard to share with you in this course!
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MBTI: Easy Mode

The Super Myers-Briggs Turbo EX Course

The advanced course is here. Ready to test your might?

Now that you've gone through the Myers-Briggs: Easy Mode course, you're ready to jump into the big game. The Super Myers-Briggs Turbo EX course is the opportunity to dive into what Carl Jung intended for you to know. We start peeking further into the cognitive, asking and answering societal questions, talking about relationships, careers and parenting. MBTI can now be used a tool to look at the rest of the world with a clearer vision. Are you ready to press start on this new game? I know you are! Let's go!
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The Super Myers-Briggs Turbo EX Course

Character Select: INFJ | The Mage

A truly magical personality type!

INFjs are some of the most interesting characters in the Myers-Briggs system, so there's a reason why I chose to create an individual course for them first. They truly have the ability to dive deep into individual topics and often require or hope for that from others. They're an incredibly powerful type that strives for endless connection and aims to form a community around that notion. They can be some of the greatest thought leaders in history. Take a dive into the mind of The Mage, the INFJ.
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Character Select: INFJ | The Mage

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