Take Control.

Taking Things Personally

I've spent much of my career wandering and lost. Client's expecting more than what you offer. Taking on any job. Feeling like you're not enough. Having a difficult time saying no. Clients encroach on boundaries. I want freedom, less stress, more focus and to have direction.

Kick, Punch

It's all in the mind.

I know for me, I've always wanted a sense of clarity, a focus and direction. I want clients who are easy to work, respect what I do and don't expect more than what I can do.

If they expect more they're such a believer in what I do that they're willing to pay more for it. They're so specifically my ideal client that they will mutually go to bat for me as much as I will for them.

The Solution

Time to get serious.

We establish a personal brand for you to use as your beacon for personal expression through a course dedicated to personality, brand, marketing and sales with you as the muse, followed by a free one-on-one consultation to make sure it all sticks.

The Plan

Be Your Badass Self.

True self-expression is a natural qualifier. That means we have to take time to extract who YOU really are and how that can be harnessed into a natural brand presence for you and letting loose. I don't mean being unfiltered or being a jerk. We talk about that as well, but I mean owning who you are as a person so that you only attract the people who trust and believe in you.

We'll dive into 4 chapters, each dedicated to a different portion of your business that leads naturally into growth. We talk personality development, brand development, a marketing strategy that fits your personality and how to harness that into sales pitches that also match your personality type. We'll then get you on a call with me personally for a free consult to take all of these lessons and apply them to the context of your life.

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Brand Blaster: Developing Your Personal Brand


I'm using my friends from my favorite RPG, Chrono Trigger, to help me out.

Your RPG Brand Blaster Team starts with yourself as the foundation, The Leader, branding as The Tank dealing big damage, marketing as your long-range Specialist, and selling as The Healer that allows you to keep going into battle. Each one plays an important role and each one is a chapter of the course. Each member is in service of furthering the adventure together, coming across new challenges and leveling up each character during your adventure. 

We're going to break these down in-depth on the Brand Blaster course one character at a time, so please join us by clicking one of "PRESS START" links but let's first start with an overview on each to help get your mind ready for it.  

The Leader

Developing Your Personality

Before you can create anything you have to know at least a little bit of what you like, what you want, what resonates with your energy naturally, how you communicate and what makes you interesting. This is your life, your journey and the reason any of this is happening. That sounds simple but it's a lot to take on. This is where the rest of the party comes into play, so you're not tackling this alone. Your personality determines the other characters you choose to bring with you. It's also a challenge to tune that energy into a marketable product.

In the course, I reference the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help you identify your personality type and relate that to your development and goals. In the first chapter, we'll ask questions about you Why? Your Mission? Your Goals? What excites and what is going to keep you going throughout your journey.

The Tank

Developing Your Brand

The Tank is the succinct idea of what the combination of you and your product or service is. This is the Tank, the rock, the piece that is going to deal critical damage nearly every time. When the enemy is in view The Tank will be able to pull the target in for a 1-2 punch of personality and connection to those you naturally resonate with.

Brand is going to be the beacon of that visual, audio and written message you put out into the world. The Tank is loyal, never leaves your side, and adapts to the mission as you develop as a person.

In chapter 2, we'll examine the energy you're putting out by the exploring logos, fonts, types of logos and converting a logo in a brand message. We'll explore the combination of you and what you're selling to bring it out into beautiful imagery, language, and representation that let's customers easily connect the dots between the two.

The Specialist

Targeting the Right People

The Specialist is the bridge between you and that ideal client you've always dreamed of. You know, the one that pays on time, respects your time, isn't controlling and is just as excited as you are to be working with them. You attract attention at a distance with the help of The Specialist.

Once you know who you are, and you've established a brand, you now you need to figure out who your ideal client is, what connects you to them and the best way to keep speaking to that person. The Specialist is wonderful at targeting people at the perimeter to make sure only the most qualified get through. The Specialist also uses the right tool for the job, that means using different long range tools depending on the target.

In Chapter 3, I'll be helping you choose your Starter Marketing Pokémon as a means to determine where to even begin to market in the modern age based on what naturally resonates with your personality then establish ways for you to effectively qualify clients so that only the best candidates make it through the barrier you establish.

The Healer

Seal the Deal and Protect Your Team

This pivotal role of The Healer keeps your party going and fighting strong. They set boundaries, add power-ups to other members of the team and revive characters when they've fallen.

None of this matters if you aren't good at selling or you'll fall fast. Without a healer, you have no shot at the more advanced challenges. The beauty is that there are ways to sell without having to have the awkward money conversation or do any sleazy convincing. These are permanent equips that make sure you don't have to deal with every encounter to save energy for the ones that matter. The process of developing your brand and identifying your target keeps all of the non-committal buyers at bay, so The Healer doesn't have to put money where it doesn't matter.

In Chapter 4, we'll be talking systems, funnels, usage of language, the ethics of selling and how selling is actually easy when you have a solid foundation of personality, branding and marketing by your side. Building up that Healer's HP is what keeps the party in business for the longest battles ahead.

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Assemble Your Brand Blaster Team!

Let's work together to develop your personality, your brand, your marketing strategy and get you some sales.

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Donna West-Newman

I'm only halfway through and I love this

I'm only halfway through and I love this

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5 star rating

This will help a lot of people!

Amanda Parr

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I can see where this course could be immensely helpful to a lot of people. That said, I am a little annoyed tha...

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I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but I can see where this course could be immensely helpful to a lot of people. That said, I am a little annoyed that I'm a Bulbasaur; it's my least favorite starter Pokemon. But the truth hurts, I guess... and I think deep down I always knew. Seriously though, the content in this course is great. It's got super helpful explanations that would definitely point beginners in the right direction in an easy and organized way. It makes a great primer to get your feet wet so they can find out what branding is and how to begin developing your brand.

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