Hi there! C.Note here!

My name is Christian Rivera a.k.a. C.Note and I provide creative services for coaches and teachers including event documentating, video editing, podcast production, and graphic design services.

I've worked and freelanced for local news in both Philadelphia and San Diego, as well as film marketing, health care, and personal growth speakers and coaches to support their promotional and premium content.

Being authentic, honest, and real is pretty much my whole vibe in that I try to show who I am in all of my audio, video, and written content. I love working with people who have similar values in that they are excited about their work, their students/clients, and whom I could easily spend a lot of time with...because often I do spend a lot of time with them through attending events, editing their work, and building long-term relationships.

I want to make things easy for you, which doesn't just mean doing all the work, but brainstorming with you, educating you, supporting you, and making sure you focus on bringing your best work to the table for your students/clients.

Enabling you to be the best creator, coach, and teacher that you can be is number one on my values list.

How did you start?

As for me, I started by creating fan videos and websites when I was 15 to express my love for Dragon Ball Z and learned many of my skills through exploring that passion. I used to make music videos and take apart website code, designed my own banners, and put it all back together just to make it all work. From there I began working for clients through the family business then moved onto working for local TV followed by a move to the west coast that led to designing and video editing in film marketing for Netflix, Hulu, Lionsgate, Paramount, Focus Feature, and many more.

You can see a reel of my video work in the next section below.

I've also worked in health care for a little while and have built a few websites for health care professionals with their own practices. I am more recently working with my friends at Personality Hacker to support their marketing content and premium programs centered around personal growth with personality development tools such as Myers-Briggs and The Enneagram.

I, myself, love learning from my clients and am very much steeped in the personal growth space as well. I have my own podcast called DOPEamine where I share my own mental health story and have created my own courses for those of my same Myers-Briggs personality type, the INTP.

You'll notice that there are a few courses available on this website if you're wanting to get started on your media presence on your own and with my support, should you need it. I bring my personal development and personality skills to these courses so that you're not just getting generic information, but information that will help you be successful, create your brand and your marketing or premium content based on your personality type and with your voice in mind.

Where do I start?

I like to use a metaphor when someone is trying to figure out where to begin as an aspiring creator...developing a media presence is a lot like choosing your favorite Pokémon. Simply start with one of three options that your style the best then you'll gain the other skills as you go out into the wild to eventually incorporate the other two.

You start by choosing either writing, audio, or video, find a platform, and develop from there. Each of these is interconnected...so, if you create a video, for example, you may be able to extract audio from it to make it a podcast episode or transcribe it for a blog article.

Creating multipurpose content is essential for making a sufficient amount of content, but also to not burn yourself out or become overwhelmed by the mountain of to-dos. 1 piece of content becomes 3...and if you have the means to hire out the translation from one medium to the other, even better.

This is just one of the concepts we cover in our flagship course called Brand Blaster: Designing Your Best-Fit Brand. Pick your starter Pokemon, discover your best-fit personality preferences, learn what it takes to make a great logo and brand identity then how to visually communicate your ideas to an eagerly awaiting audience.

If you need more information about media services, questions about the courses, or just to say hi you can send me an email.

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Let me show you what I can do...

Video work pre-2018

Podcasting for Absolute Beginners

From conception to execution, everything you need to start your first podcast.

This course is everything you need to know to start your own podcast.

We talk about identifying your why?, your mission, your goals, working through insecurities, technical issues, and developing a stage presence to present your best ideas to your customers and the world!

Kind Words from some friends.

Some friends I've worked with have been so kind to offer a few positive words.

Extremely Talented

by James Gaffney

Christian Rivera is an extremely talented and truly decent human being. he has a big heart, obvious drive and a real desire to not only create killer stuff - but to help the world be a better place. if you're blessed enough to work with christian, you'll see what i mean. dude's aaaaaaalll right!

The Most Talented

by Colin Costello

I worked with Christian Rivera, first at an agency in Santa Monica called Stradella Road and then on my own personal film project. I find Christian to be one of the most talented and smartest designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He comes not with one vision, but several. He takes feedback well and comes back with something even better. I am lucky to have worked with him and plan on it again.