What's so special about INFJs?

Just a few topics we'll break down.

  • That Magical Feeling

    INFJs tend to report feeling a sense of mysticism with the way that they think. They can sometimes feel disembodied or disconnected from people for quite some time. This is their intuition at play. Through daydreaming, meditation and understanding their own subconscious brain wiring, they can get into the depth of humanity quite effectively.

    If you're an INFJ then you know this all too well. Being present can be difficult but it's also your strength, so setting boundaries will important for you to continue to nurture that strength.

  • People Love

    Despite being such intense introverts, INFJs do enjoy people and social dynamics. They often want to create and foster their own community to take care of the needs of those they care about. Since they are such intense introverts, it's important for those boundaries to be set and not just let anyone into their complex world.

    You, as an INFJ, can sometimes feel that "everyone" needs to do something or set boundaries but can sometimes forget that YOU are a part of everyone and need to be nurtured as well.

  • Intense Depth

    The combination of those first two elements really allows INFJs to get into emotional depth with people. They want to dive immediately into that emotional depth because they're willing and capable of doing that with themselves. They can often understand how someone is feeling, what they want or what they need before the person does.

    This is an amazing power for you as an INFJ but it's also important to note that this superpower can be invasive if not used tactfully. While it's not pleasant to use small talk, remember that small talk is a tool for you to not just connect with anyone but connect with those who want your talent in their lives.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    INFJ | The Mage

    • INFJ | The Mage

    • Spaced Out | What is Introverted Intuition?

    • Setting Boundaries and Expressing Emotions | Extroverted Feeling

    • The Sharp Blade | Tertiary Ti

    • Make it Stop! | Inferior Se

    • Am I Crazy? or Are They Crazy? | The Cognitive Loop

    • INFJ Conclusion | Relationships, Careers and Parenting

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